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#CRACKtheCROWD: On the Crowdfunding Front-Lines with Brent Brague

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"We don't give legal advice. We never have. But yet, we kind of distill [for the client], 'This is likely not going to work,' or, 'This has

#CRACKtheCROWD: OTC’s Dan Zinn & Jason Paltrowitz on Reg A+

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"One of the key components to Reg A, generally, is the free trading aspect of the shares, once the offering is complete. So any non-affiliate who's purchasing

#CRACKtheCROWD: Equity Crowdfunding & Regulation A+ with Darren Marble

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“Change brings opportunity in business. Right now, everywhere I look, I see nothing but opportunity for our clients. It is a sea of opportunity.” -Darren Marble on

#CRACKtheCROWD: Crowdfunding Insights with Andrew Dix

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“Disruption in the finance industry is going to happen, but it’s best to let it grow and innovate to go forward.” -Andrew Dix. More on the Podcast

VIDEO: Dan Baird on Key Elements of a Crowdfunding Campaign

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"Crowdfunding is amazing, and it's one of the most useful technologies that you guys are going to deal with, potentially this century." -Dan Baird What Matters Most In

#CRACKtheCROWD: Real Estate Crowdfunding with Lewis Feldman

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“I think we’re seeing today where the smaller investor has not yet really come alive the way that the institutions have come alive. So there’s a huge amount of potential.” – Lew Feldman, on the potential of real estate crowdfunding for retail investors. More on the Podcast Lew and I got together to discuss how crowdfunding real estate is continuing to evolve for both accredited and retail investors. But that’s not all; we also discussed the new prospect of going public for real estate firms, and how Title II and Reg A+ are changing financing for larger firms.