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#CRACKtheCROWD: Equity Crowdfunding & Regulation A+ with Darren Marble

“Change brings opportunity in business. Right now, everywhere I look, I see nothing but opportunity for our clients. It is a sea of opportunity.” -Darren Marble on rewards and equity crowdfunding. In this episode of the podcast, CTC's Dan Baird

VIDEO: Dan Baird on Key Elements of a Crowdfunding Campaign

"Crowdfunding is amazing, and it's one of the most useful technologies that you guys are going to deal with, potentially this century." -Dan Baird What Matters Most In a Crowdfunding Campaign? A few short months ago, CTC's Dan Baird addressed attendees

Can Crowdfunding Attract VC’s and Angel Investors to Your Business?

Can Crowdfunding Improve an Entrepreneur’s Shot at Funding from VC’s and Angel Investors? The short answer is yes. Entrepreneurs that raise over $125,000 from successful crowdfunding campaigns have more than a 50% probability of obtaining external capital, and up

Build Emails For High Conversion

Build Emails for High Conversion Email marketing is the highest-performing marketing tool you can use, and research indicates it offers the highest ROI for every $1 spent.* That’s why it’s important you see results from all the email campaigns

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Virality and How to Create a Viral Video

Virality and How to Create a Viral Video "The key to virality is to create a feeling of unexpectedness in your viewers, potential customers, or investors. Virality cannot be guaranteed but people incorrectly assume that means it is not

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Eli Regalado’s 6 Steps to Influencer Success

Eli Regalado’s 6 Steps to Influencer Success "Getting influencers to work with you starts by showing them how you can help them. Everyone wants something, loves something, and fears something. Once you've established that, make it easy for influencers to

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Need Leads for your Crowdfunding Campaign? Start Social Prospecting

Need Leads for your Crowdfunding Campaign? Start Social Prospecting As a crowdfunder, there’s a good chance you already understand the importance of social media as part of your outreach efforts for a crowdfunding campaign. With more than one billion

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7 Reasons a Crowdfunding Agency Can Help You

What does a Crowdfunding Agency Do? The digital age we live in makes a variety of crowdfunding campaigns—and a range of platforms to support them—possible. It’s an exciting time to be alive, and it’s an even more exciting time to

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Crowdfunding for Your Startup? Don’t Ignore these Two Realities

Crowdfunding for Your Startup? Don't Ignore these Two Realities Every single day a plethora of startups kick off crowdfunding campaigns with big dreams of reaching their targets and scoring a big win for innovation. From entrepreneurs to artists, people have an

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Marty Tate and the Reg A+ Reality

The Future of Reg A+ Reality “Initially...I wasn't super keen on Reg A. I thought that it was a little bit too onerous. I was having a hard time understanding who would be the right type of client or

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