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The Challenge The founding team behind Directo, based in Miami, Florida, was inspired to develop a crowdfunding platform to help entrepreneurs with Latin American roots, and attract Latin American and US-based investors to a community-based platform. The founding team had vision and passion, but needed help in nailing down its brand identity, core messaging, and navigating


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The Challenge Superfanatico is a daily fantasy sports venture, focused on the Latin American market, and based in Miami, Florida. CEO Danilo Arsenijevith and founder Luis Segovia approached CTC to plan and manage their first 506(c) equity raise, and to create essential marketing assets for the campaign. Learn About Our Service

Child Rescue

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The Challenge “Every child deserves a childhood” is the motto of Child Rescue, a nonprofit organization, based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The goal of the organization is twofold: to prevent child exploitation, and to undertake special missions to rescue children caught in trafficking rings. Jess and Stephanie Larsen, founders of Child Rescue, needed help strategizing,

Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes

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The Challenge Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes (ULVH) is based in Park City, Utah. Despite have recently revamped its website, founder Jeff Jensen suspected the site could be better optimized, and wanted assistance in solidifying the company’s brand to deliver a unique value proposition in a market that has become fiercely competitive. Learn About Our Service


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The Challenge CrowdEngine, headquartered in Salt Lake City, and providers of white label, turnkey crowdfunding platforms, was growing fast—but without a solid brand identify. The team, however, knew what it wanted: a brand that is cutting edge, sophisticated, sleek, dynamic, vibrant, and synonymous with easy-to-use crowdfunding technology that offers a premium experience. Learn About