What does it take to run a successful campaign?

Fresh off the podcast presses—Jess Larsen, of the Podcast Ideation Collective, sat down with CTC’s Dan Baird to take a deep dive into the rapidly evolving world of crowdfunding. Dan discusses what it takes to set up new platforms, run successful campaigns, and how to work in an online environment.

So what are you waiting for? Tune in!

About Ideation Collective

Ideation Collective is a media company that works to help leaders and creators to find “sparks” for their own innovations.

Our primary method is to directly interview high achievers, authors, in the trenches entrepreneurs and other specialists to find out what patterns of success they’ve discovered and how the rest of us can implement aspects of their patterns to reach our own goals.

– Founder, Jess Larsen

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About the Author:

Dan founded Crack the Crowd in 2013, and is the company’s CEO and strategy lead. He is also a product design and launch expert. Previously, he served as Vice-President of CrowdEngine, leading sales, marketing, and launching dozens of crowdfunding platforms, including the first equity platform to reach $1 billion in offerings.

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