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Marty Tate and the Reg A+ Reality

The Future of Reg A+ Reality “Initially...I wasn't super keen on Reg A. I thought that it was a little bit too onerous. I was having a hard time understanding who would be the right type of client

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The Math Behind Crowdfunding

The Math Behind  Successful Crowdfunding Time and again, students of all ages list math as their least favorite subject. Unfortunately, they also tend to keep these feelings into adulthood. However, when it comes to crowdfunding, math is the best

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Richard Swart: U.S.’s Equity Crowdfunding and the JOBS Act 2.0

In this episode we sit down for part two of our interview with Dr. Richard Swart to discuss the United States regulatory environment and its impact on crowd funding and innovation. Swart highlights Galvin’s Case vs. the SEC,  relatively flat growth of Title II, accredited investor’s friction to invest, and the surprising activity in real estate. He lays out a case for what should and could be done to stimulate more economic and crowd funding growth, in the JOBS Act 2.0 by congress person McHenry, and the need for action by legislators in the very near future to attain those goals.