#CRACKtheCROWD: Crowdfunding Insights with Andrew Dix

“Disruption in the finance industry is going to happen, but it’s best to let it grow and innovate to go forward.” –Andrew Dix.

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In this episode, Andrew Dix and I discuss how the crowdfunding industry is dealing with Regulation Crowdfunding advertising limitations. (Note: we refer to this regulation at times during the podcast as “Title III”.) And more: how to get your product posted on Crowdfund Insider, attempts at fraud, and what matters when you’re considering a crowdfunding campaign.

Here’s a Sneak Peak

On vetting campaigns for coverage in Crowdfund Insider: “We have a rule to verify that the people are actually real people. And if the people who are creating a campaign, they don’t have a digital presence, well there’s something wrong. You just avoid it. You do look for campaigns that really have some serious traction. That you can tell that they are professionally managed.”

There’s more where that came from, so take a listen.

Andrew’s Bio

Andrew is CEO and Co-Founder of Crowdfund Insider, a leading news and information site for the global crowdfunding industry. Crowdfund Insider was founded in 2012, soon after the signing of the JOBS Act by President Obama. The digital publication has been a leading voice, and independent advocate, for the disruptive innovation of crowdfunding and access to capital for small and emerging companies. The publication’s articles have been referenced in speeches presented by SEC officials and have generated a consistent audience on Capitol Hill. In 2015, Crowdfund Insider partnered with the Centre for Alternative Finance of Cambridge Judge Business School, as the exclusive media partner for the European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report. A recognized authority in the crowdfunding world, Andrew recently co-authored a chapter in a book titled Crowdfunding: Current Market Dynamics. He is also on the Advisory Council of the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) and a regular participant in the bipartisan Securities Regulation Working Group organized by the Heritage Foundation.

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