#CRACKtheCROWD: Equity Crowdfunding & Regulation A+ with Darren Marble

“Change brings opportunity in business. Right now, everywhere I look, I see nothing but opportunity for our clients. It is a sea of opportunity.” –Darren Marble on rewards and equity crowdfunding.

In this episode of the podcast, CTC’s Dan Baird speaks with Darren Marble, CEO of CrowdfundX, a pioneering crowdfunding agency that serves clients across a wide mix of industries, on their rewards-based and equity crowdfunding campaigns. Darren is one of the country’s top thought leaders on crowdfunding campaign architecture. He’s negotiated and delivered successful campaigns for multinational corporations, filmmakers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.

Prior to starting CrowdfundX, Darren spent ten years as a business development executive in the Oracle partner community, and as a regional vice president of sales with OSI Consulting, working directly with decision-makers at Fortune 500 companies on a range of software and services projects. He also served as co-founder and CEO of FilmBreak, a virtual film studio which offered comprehensive marketing, financing, and distribution tools for filmmakers. Darren realized the concept and need for CrowdfundX while at the helm of FilmBreak and decided to pivot his team’s efforts to meet the groundswell of client demand.

Here’s a Sneak Peak

On the incredible marketing effort that made Elio Motor’s Reg A raise a success:

Equity crowdfunding, at it’s core, is a combination of compelling storytelling and effective digital marketing. Think about it, Elio Motors,

[is] another great example; 650,000 people were exposed to this campaign just on the StartEngine page. But only 1% invested. What about the 99% who didn’t invest? They have awareness now. So what happens [with] success is that not only do you raise capital but you’re building tremendous brand equity.

On the reality of launching a crowdfunding campaign:

You got a great vision, you got a bold vision, you want to be different. Okay, fine. But let’s temper that with the reality of these [equity] campaigns. They’re very new; there’s not dozens or hundreds of case studies. So don’t kid yourself. You have to have a great marketing plan, a great team. Let’s try to under promise, over-deliver, [rather] than shoot for the moon out of the gate.

On disruption in the venture capital world:

Equity crowdfunding is placed to overtake venture capital in the next 5 to 10 years. This is inevitable. There are 240 million unaccredited people in this country. Anybody over 18 globally can now legally invest in companies [if they] file Form 1-A, or file Form C for a Title III campaign. This is going to totally disrupt, change the scene over many years. I’m not saying tomorrow or next month—next five to 10 years. And by the way, I’m not gonna say wipe them out or replace them. But they’ve gotta get ready because this change is already happening.

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