The Future of Reg A+ Reality

“Initially…I wasn’t super keen on Reg A. I thought that it was a little bit too onerous. I was having a hard time understanding who would be the right type of client or the right type of prospect for a Reg A offering.” – Marty Tate

In the latest #CRACKtheCROWD podcast, I talk with Marty Tate, Corporate Finance Attorney, of the firm Carman Lehnhof Israelsen. When Title III of the JOBS Act became law, I started asking my clients how they were preparing for the potential of retail investors. To my surprise, most of them wanted to talk about Regulation A+ (also referred to as “the mini-IPO”), which will make it easier for companies valued at less than $100 million to go public. Unbeknownst to me, Marty was having a similar experience. So we decided it was time to chat. We discuss our hypotheses, as well as Reg A+ pros and cons, and who will benefit from it the most.

More about Marty:

A corporate attorney with over 17 years of experience, Marty has spent the last five years advising clients on the crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending space, with a particular focus on the JOBS Act, 506 offerings, intrastate offerings, and Regulation A (first enacted in 1936, and the foundation for the newly revised Reg A+).

Marty’s clients include nationally and internationally recognized platform operators, sponsors, issuers, investors and service providers. He was recently recognized as one of the top crowdfunding attorneys and continues to play a leading in the ever-evolving area of securities law.

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