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We’ve built the simplest path to a “do-it-yourself” crowdfunding rewards campaign by channeling a lot of what we’ve learned (in some cases, the hard way) into easy-to-use templates.

What We Offer

By streamlining hundreds of hours of research, insights, and expert interviews, we’ve created automated templates and planning guides to help rewards-based crowdfunders position themselves for success.

Keyword Analysis Tool

This tool allows you to determine important keywords to attract your target audience for PPC campaigns, or to optimize your website.

Profit & Loss Tool

Our P/L tool breakdown the marketing budget you need in order to adequately prep your campaign for launch.

Media Kit & Mini-Guide

This tool features templates to begin creating your media kit—and a guide that provides best practices on how to maximize its potential.

Unknown to Influencer

Influencers are more than just brand ambassadors—they use the influence they’ve carefully built to disseminate your message because they believe in you. How do you find them? We’ll show you how.

Contacts List Template

The quality of contacts in your database prior to launching your campaign can play a pivotal role in the initial surge of contributions you want to aim for on Day 1 of your launch. Our Contacts List can help you keep your contacts organized, prioritized, and monetized.

Timeline & Checklist

In our experience, there’s a standard timeline that successful campaigns follow, as well as a thorough checklist that crowdfunders strictly abide by to make sure they’ve covered all necessary steps. Our Timeline & Checklist Tool make it super easy to project manage your campaign.

Campaign Copy Template

The words you use to attract, intrigue, and compel contributors aren’t always easy to string together. Part of the wordsmith battle is making sure you’ve answered all your readers’ questions before they even know they have them. This template makes it easy to cover the “The 5 Why’s” of your campaign.

Email Campaign Template

Communicating with your base of contacts and contributors is essential for your rewards-based campaign. How often should you send an email, and what should you say? This template lays it all out for you, so you know exactly what type of email to send and when.

User Experience Tool

Build a website, and they will come—until they don’t. If you want to draw more people to your site, and optimize conversions, this guide helps you to capture feedback, quantify it, and create an actionable plan that will help you identify weaknesses, and capitalize on your site’s strengths.