Project Description

    CrowdEngine Brand Assets

    The Challenge

    CrowdEngine, headquartered in Salt Lake City, and providers of white label, turnkey crowdfunding platforms, was growing fast—but without a solid brand identify. The team, however, knew what it wanted: a brand that is cutting edge, sophisticated, sleek, dynamic, vibrant, and synonymous with easy-to-use crowdfunding technology that offers a premium experience.

    Digital Marketing and Branding Strategy

    During the briefing phase, it became immediately apparent that CrowdEngine’s brand project would require a high level of customization. The CTC team built the brand hierarchy, marketing plan, including site copy and design revisions, to elevate CrowdEngine’s status from one of many to the premier provider of white label software solutions in the space. The results were an immediate spike in activity and continual reductions in overall costs per customer. CTC improved engagement metrics, including session length, reduced bounce rates, increased page views, and leads. CrowdEngine now ranks #1 in search for key terms. By turning CrowdEngine’s brand vision into reality, on time and on budget, CTC helped the company accelerate its growth through a cogent brand that was clear, focused, and fully reflected in all their marketing assets.

    “We hired Dan to help establish our brand, marketing efforts, and influence our early product development. He is a true professional and simply does what he says he will do. Although different than most, he gives you meaningful reports through the entire process. Dan is one of the very few uniquely qualified resources in this young industry, to provide his clients the expertise they need, when they themselves do not know or can’t quantify what that is. I would use Dan to help my crowdfunding efforts, 10 times out of 10.”
    Brent Brague, CrowdEngine

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