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Project Description

The Expert

Richard Swart is considered the preeminent academic expert on crowdfunding. He is a highly-sought after speaker, who has advised governments, Fortune 500 companies, and global nonprofits. He’s often asked to present on a specific industry within the crowdfunding space, list trends, and provide insight on current and upcoming trends. This is no small feat, considering that crowdfunding data, specifically industry-specific data, is sparse and often requires an interpreter.

Crowdfunding Data and Insights

Richard has collaborated with CTC to create presentations that combine topline crowdfunding trends, in-the-field insights, and from-the-field data, to deliver a macro and micro view on crowdfunding. The main objective of these presentations has been to derive as accurate a picture of crowdfunding as possible in the US and around the world, and how it may evolve in the future. Richard and CTC continue to work toward refining the data gathering process, and clarifying changes in sometimes difficult to decipher regulations, to continue delivering objective insights on the crowdfunding industry.

“Crack the Crowd has produced some of the best crowdfunding strategy I’ve seen.”
Richard Swart, PHD, Chief Strategy Officer for NextGeneration Crowdfunding, crowdfunding thought leader, and author.

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